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We are grateful for the work that we do and feel blessed that we are able to share it! – Paul & Ellen


Paul and Ellen are so welcoming and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. I received such great insight into my Numerology from Paul. He took the time to review each aspect of my life experience as it relates to the numbers I am influenced by and gave me tools to create a vision in shifting my awareness into the higher octave so that my purpose here is achieved. I feel confident and connected. I highly recommend their services. You do not need to know about Numerology to have this Reading done, but if you have studied your Numerology, you will discover greater depth of your understanding by having your chart analyzed by Paul.
16 August  Christina


I’m currently enrolled in a course with these beautiful people- Ellen + Paul, with Life’s Path 4U and they posed this very question.

We don’t have to like someone to love them.
We don’t have to condone their actions, nor pass judgement, onto someone in order to love them. We don’t have to agree with you to love you. Point blank: I don’t have to like you to love you.

But we must offer love to all. 🙏 We must be consciously aware that every thought we have can either help or hurt us. Every thought we have is energy and therefore is actively contributing toward propelling our Earth upward or backward.✨ Every thought we have is either based in love or based in fear, and only those in love can make these changes toward a better self. A better partnership. A better family. A better community. A better world.

I actively make an effort to choose love. And let me be extremely clear that I am a work in progress. 🦄

I have thoughts daily that are fear-based. People cut me off in traffic and I get fired up. My husband can drive me mad at times. My mom can irk me like no other. But I am aware and actively work to shift these thoughts when they present themselves.

So, yes, those that have cut me the deepest, those that have caused inexplicable pain and hardship, I do not like them, no siree.

But I sure do love them. I want to show you my love truly is pure. Thank you Ellen & Paul for being such loving, brilliant mentors to me and leading our community by example. 💛

Stay Golden my friends!


Playing in 5D with Paul and Ellen is powerful!  My first session with them started with an in-depth Numerology review for me and my family members.  This provided insight into some of my relationship connections and challenges.  Further, I was provided with some tools to help with challenging areas identified.

The second part of my session was Past Life Regression Clearing. Working together, Ellen serves as a past life surrogate in which she connects with the past life and we all work together energetically to acknowledge and clear those connections that are creating limitations in the current lifetime.  Powerful clearing occurs, I truly felt like lifetimes of stuff had been removed from my body and spirit.

If you get a chance to join forces with Paul and Ellen, you will not be disappointed.  They live in the 5th dimension and will come to visit you in the 3rd and 4th, unload your past life luggage and lift you up to a beautiful space where Peace, Joy, and Love are the essence of your existence.  They are the sweetness guiding you to shine brightly during this earthly journey!

 – Lori 

St. Louis, MO


I had reached a point in my where nothing was making sense and I was spending my time spinning my wheels while getting nowhere. Paul and Ellen worked with me and gave me the tools to start making sense of things and handle things with a different approach. The results have been dramatic and amazing and all areas of my life have been touched by their work; my health improved, my career took off, the relationship with my kids is better, life is just easier. I don’t know where I would be without their help but I do know it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful as where I am now. Many blessings and gratitude.

– Jennifer

Indianapolis, IN

Last fall, I got deathly ill. My skin and eyes turned very yellow. Also, I was unable to keep anything in my stomach. I was scared to death. I knew in my gut that this was very serious. When I went to the emergency room, they saw the terrible condition I was in and immediately admitted me into the hospital. After doing a CAT scan, they said I had cirrhosis of the liver and would probably need a transplant.

I got in touch with Paul and Ellen to see if they could do some energy release work on me. When they were working on me, Ellen felt my step-father there around me. In this lifetime, 10 years earlier he had died in my arms while I was looking into his eyes and saying “breathe breathe”! He died of pancreatic cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, which Paul and Ellen told me that energy was around me and affecting my body. Paul performed a forgiveness blessing that was able to lift his energy up and away from me.

Later in the hospital after they had done a biopsy, they didn’t find any cirrhosis of the liver. When I went into the hospital, I figured I would be there for a long time. Yet, after Paul and Ellen worked on me, I was able to go home in two days.

After doing blood work, they did find my liver count was up to the 500’s with normal being around 50. So, the doctor did put me on some steroids to help bring my liver countdown. On my first follow-up visit, my liver blood count was almost normal. My doctor was amazed. He said, ” I won’t call this a miracle but it is miraculous.” I was able to send my medical records to Paul and Ellen for added proof of the great work they do.

Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you the most.

– Gina
Columbus, OH

My father was 81 with a terminal disease and doctors said there were just a couple of weeks to live. As I talked with him by his hospital bed one evening last month, we spoke of our difficult relationship when I was a kid and teenager. I told him I forgave him, and I meant it. He lifted his hand with effort and pointed to his heart. He said, with regret “Now I have to forgive myself.” That night I called Paul and asked him and Ellen to work with my dad.

Even though they were 800 miles away and enough never met my dad, I knew from experience that they would help. They had previously offered powerful, life-affirming healing every time I had worked with them. And what a difference they made.

When Paul spoke with me on the phone the next day, it was as if he and Ellen had known my Dad forever. They knew, as I did, where my Dad had struggled in life. They knew about his old resentments, which they worked hard with him to release. They helped heal wounds that he carried in his heart for a lifetime – or perhaps longer.

It was soon clear that my Dad had grown incredibly, shedding the last traces of his heaviness that he carried in his heart for most of his long life. Over and over, he displayed the sweetest love for his lifetime wife, my Mom. And in private moments, he reached out to my sister, brother and myself with his whole being, taught us lifelong lessons, and helped heal the wounds of a lifetime.

My Dad died peacefully last month, surrounded by his wife and three children. In his last days, he taught us how to die with courage, dignity, and love. I credit my Dad’s transformation to his own spirit, which was ready to fly, but also to Paul and Ellen. They help me in immensely.

They are the most talented spiritual healers I’ve ever met.

– Dan 
Boston, MA

I recently had a past life regression from another practitioner that left me in a deep state of despair. When Paul saw me afterward, he told me that he and Ellen could help me release it.  I was in such a depressed state and Paul and Ellen made me feel so peaceful and safe that I completely believed them.

After a thorough assessment of my numerology chart, Paul had a good idea of what the blocks I was carrying. As for Ellen, well Ellen just KNOWS! Armed with their understanding of me we embarked on what I thought of as a past life review. Ellen was able to see and describe some of the more impactful past lives I’ve experienced and their relationship to my experience now. I had so many Ah-ha moments and gained an enormous amount of clarity about past and present relationships! With each life, Paul performed a forgiveness blessing that literally lifted the pain and guilt off my heart – I could actually feel my heart getting lighter with each life we visited.

Following these karmic closures, Ellen went back to one of the lives I visited during my earlier regression. She described everything I had seen with added details that explained the sadness I’d felt during that experience. She saw that I died with a heavy, despondent heart because I was unable to save the children I was charged with. This resonated so much with the person I am now, that I instantly understood the feelings of despair I’d been experiencing after viewing it the first time. As Paul performed a forgiveness and protection (closure) blessings, I instantly felt like myself again. Instantly! I wanted to jump up right then and there and hug them both!

Words cannot adequately describe the relief and freedom I’m experiencing since my meeting. I discovered that much of my guilt and shame I’d been carrying for years was not even mine to own…. certainly not in this lifetime. I was finally given permission to forgive myself and those around me who were also reacting based on their own karmic package. I understand now and I am able to see things in a much less personal way. What a fantastic gift!

Paul and Ellen are two of the kindest, gentlest, most loving people that I’ve had the good fortune to cross paths with. The fact that they saw a need in me and made the effort to help me speaks volumes about the people they are. I feel such a peace in their presence and I’m blessed to be loved by them.

My gratitude is boundless…

– Laura

Indianapolis, IN


I used to be very angry and depressed all the time. I thought I could deal with all of it myself, and I tried to for years. I started to have severe anxiety, which made me pretty much stay in the house and not want to deal with anything. “Very angry” and “depressed” takes a backseat to anxiety – everything does for that matter. Those of you who have ever had a panic attack know what I mean. After a while, I was prescribed anti-depressants.  You know – those drugs to make you feel nothing! They didn’t help and they just made me feel numb. Then I got in touch with Paul and Ellen, and to put it simply they changed my life for the better. I no longer have anxieties and am very happy and successful. Truth is I don’t know where I would be without their help. They have allowed me to fill my life with balance, and it is serving me well. I could never thank you guys enough for what you do.

Keep up the good work, and stay conscious!
West Jefferson, OH

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