5D Numerology with Paul and Ellen

5d Numerology with Paul and Ellen in Indianapolis, In 46219
Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Psalm 90:12

With fifth dimension numerology, you will discover a universal language that represents every person and situation that you encounter in your life. Once you start to understand the language of 5d numerology, you will find that communication with family, friends, mates, and coworkers is improved to a new level once thought unreachable.

Numerology can help advance your career, improve family connections, and recognize lifelong patterns in a way that you can change them for success, peace, joy, health, and abundance.

When working with us, you will first receive a 12-page printout (that you take with you) of your life from birth to present time. We will go through this chart together. We systematically unveil the issues that are presently going on in your life. We look at the connections with others that may create chaos in your world, be it coworkers, family, friends, or relationships, present and past. As we reveal the personality and karma challenges of each individual, understanding happens which makes communication possible. You will discover the underlying timing in your life that allows you to make decisions that will flow with your energy and desires. As the major points of your chart are discussed, you will know yourself with a new understanding. With this new information, you are empowered to make choices that will free you emotionally, mentally, and physically. From these choices, healing will happen for you.

We use Numerology for all family members. Charting your children as early as the first day of life can make things so much easier for you and your family. Applying numerology for the name of a newborn can bring balance into its life from the first day. Using numerology for educational choices and to find a career path, eliminates wasted time and money going in the wrong direction, and leads to a more satisfying life experience.

We have over 40 of experience working with Numerology professionally. Our practice and study has led to an expression of it includes a fifth-dimensional understanding. It has been a true passion of ours. We look forward to sharing our experience and wisdom with you so that you may understand yourself better and ultimately know peace.

Many Blessings,
Paul and Ellen

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