5D Past Life Regressions

We are always deeply connected to our past lives. We all carry memories from past lives into this life through conscious or unconscious, soul or cellular memory. Problems with no logical basis and no real beginnings to conflict in this life usually indicate energy coming from a past life.  Ongoing difficulties with family, children, siblings, parents, and relatives that make no sense and seem to have no answers can be resolved through regression. The energies will be understood and released, making situations in this life easier.

Our process of regression is unique and has developed during our 40 years of experience. Ellen is a past life surrogate. This means she can go the records of life on your behalf and find three or four past lives in one sitting. It is our experience that when people are doing their own past life regressions often times looking at their lifetime can be frightening or painful. When Ellen acts on your behalf, the experience is painless and treated with love. Once the lifetime is understood, Paul is able to release all negative and binding energy from that lifetime through a shamanic method. You will sit with both Paul and Ellen through this session. A recording of the past life session is available if requested.

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