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Paul and Ellen

Paul and Ellen - Numerology and Past Life Services in Indianapolis, IN 46219

Welcome to our website.  Paul R. Fraley and Ellen Hawkins are here to share a variety of healing modalities. We represent the illumination that can bring you into alignment with your true purpose. We have been working in the field of metaphysics for over 40 years. We have always operated by closely listening to the feedback from our clients. This has allowed us to pinpoint what yields success and what does not. We are able to get results that make a big difference in people’s lives. We are here to serve you with any or all of our services. It has been an amazing journey and we are grateful for the knowledge we have gained and the insights that have been given to us along the way. We have been blessed to be able to do this work and share it with you so please join us. We look forward to our experience together.

In addition to the healing services offered, Paul and Ellen are available for general speaking engagements and classes. We invite you to join us.

About Paul

After being evaluated in the spiritual realm, it was decided to send my spirit into a body through a wonderful couple.  My parents did not have a traditional education but had great success with my eight brothers, and sisters, before I was born.  My parents gave us food, shelter, and work ethics through living on the farm.  My father worked to provide our earthly needs, and the little church down the road provided my spiritual food as we attended every week.

My school years were tedious and painful making it very hard to learn to read and write.  As I now know, the past was perfectly laid out for my future.  I learned from my parents to love and respect everyone, as well as a strong work ethic which served me well into my adult life. During my younger adult life, I experienced many struggles including relationships, family issues, and trying to figure out how to successfully manage my life.  I now realize that even though these experiences were very painful, they molded me into the person I am now.  As I became more conscious, I began to search for answers, which took on a personal crusade of self-discovery.

After 40 years of research, I have been provided a system that has blended different approaches that will bring quickly understanding, clarity, and peace to anyone who applies it.  Through a refined format of Numerology that blends Astrology, intuition, and numbers I am able to create a clear view of anyone by using a person’s name and date of birth.  The numerology chart reveals the life lessons that a person is to face in this current life and also details about past lives.  These energies must be addressed in order to bring balance to your life.

Once these energies are addressed, you will be able to take control of your life making your life much easier.  I am able to point out what is causing damage to your life emotionally, physically, financially, and most importantly spiritually.

Life Paths 4 U will awaken you to your purpose and bring you to a new level of peace through consciousness.


To Serve You,
Paul R. Fraley

About Ellen

I grew up in a small village in Ohio.  I was lucky to have both parents and one older sister.  My father, mother and I spent a large amount of our time with doctors and hospitals due to our health.  I knew back then that there had to be a better way…

During 1995, I became very sick and began to have episodes of dizziness, and my hair falling out by the hand full.  We heard about an Amish iridologist (eye reader) and went to see him.  I began to become well with the use of the herbs (no medical test, invasive operations, or prescription medication).  The iridologist uses muscle testing as a form of testing to see what herbs my body needed.  I was relieved because, with herbal treatment, I became well and regained my health! After this transformational experience, I began to study iridology with Bernard Jensen, who is one of the founders of iridology.  We use iridology frequently to understand what is occurring within the body.  Through the use of herbs, oils, and food the body and mind are healed and brought back to balance. Additionally, I am Meditative Spiritual Intuitive- try saying that three times in a row!  I have been so blessed with all of my gifts I have been given in order to help my fellow man.  I’m able to go into the spiritual realm and bring forward four or five past lives that are impacting a person’s progress in their current life.  Paul and I worked together to release the imbalance energy of the past and clear the past karmas.  Many say that they physically feel lighter as soon as the process is complete, and this is because energy has a physical weight that can weigh a person down. There are multiple testimonies that are available for you to read.  If you think this is something that can help you, please do not hesitate to ask. Please visit my inspirational poems section.  They come with a personal story that inspired me at that time.I hope these poems can inspire and comfort you in your time of need…With two hands to help,
Ellen L. Hawkins