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We offer a unique service that has evolved over many years of working with clients. It is natural to wonder what a session with us will entail.

We will greet you and start your session with a Numerology chart based on your birth date and given name at birth. This chart will be the blueprint from which we will work. The chart will identify your strengths, allow you to understand your life’s purpose, maximize your career path, and realize your heart’s desires.

We will discuss the key people and issues that are keeping you from manifesting your destiny and being at peace. We will ask you to pick goals for yourself and the life you want. After your key issues and main goals are identified, we will create a comprehensive plan to help you reach your desired outcome. We may draw upon different modalities to help you achieve your goals. Any of the following may be used; 5d Numerology, Past Life Regression, Releasing of Spirits, Iridology, REM Release, and Rebirthing.

You will leave the session with a multi-page print out of your numerology chart. We will also encourage you to use some of the tools we discussed in our meeting after the meeting is done. Our goal is to facilitate a life-changing experience through self-realization and a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the world. It is our intention that this understanding leads you to your greater contentment and lasting joy.

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